Livestock and Clean Air 

The prevention and control of animal infectious diseases in livestock has attracted more and more attention since the animal husbandry has developed from individualization, decentralization to scale and intensification. Animal infectious disease refers to an extremely contagious disease caused by pathogenic microorganism. Most of them can be transmitted rapidly and on a large scale by direct contact (animal to animal), indirect contact (airborne transmission, feed, water source, etc.) or vertical transmission (mother to offsprings).

Among them, airborne transmission is the main route of pathogenic microorganism transmission. The pathogenic microorganism pass through droplets from diseased animals or attached to dust particles in the air,then rapidly enter and spread the whole farm and even the whole area along the airflow, so as to form a large-scale of epidemic outbreak and bring great economic loss to the livestock industry.


Many pathogens can spread long distances through the air:

●9 kinds of Foot and Mouth Disease (FMD) virus can spread more than 40 km.

●Infectious endemic pneumonia can spread 3 km.

●Transmissible Gastroenteritis of pigs (TGE), Atrophic Rhinitis (AR) and Contagious Caprine Pleuropneumonia can spread more than 1 km.

●Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS) can spread more than 3 km.

●Swine Influenza Virus (SIV) can spread 6 km.

●Pseudorabies Virus (PRV) can spread at least 40 km.


The air filtration system can effectively prevent pathogenic microorganisms from air transmission

According to a large number of studies, it is confirmed that dust particles or other biological aerosols in the air can be captured by an effective air filtering system, therefore to block the spread of pathogenic microorganisms, prevent and control the spread of disease and epidemic outbreak.

Scott Dee, a professor of veterinary medicine at Minnesota University verified that under laboratory conditions, a pig house with air filtration system had not been infected from diseases after running for 4 consecutive years, and under commercial conditions of high-density breading area, the filtered boar house and sow house have been free from PRRS infection for 6 years and 3 years respectively.


Negative Pressure Air Filtration System

The goal of KLC is to provide effective and reliable clean air filtration solutions for animal husbandry industry, thus to ensure the safety of breeding and to reduce livestock and poultry infectious diseases. KLC's R&D team has gone deep into the industry, understood the difficulties and needs, and successfully developed our air purification technologies and products that are more suitable for the livestock industry.

Livestock Air Purification Solutions 

Metal Net Filter

Product Features:

●Metal net filter designed for the livestock industry

●Sturdy and durable structure, washable and re-usable

●Corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, long service life

●Composed of multi-layer pleated wire net, effectively blocking fallen leaves and large dust particles

●Prevention of insect, rodent and other small animals

Standard size: 592×592×45mm / 24"×24"×2" (Customized available)


High Dust Holding Capacity Pleated Pre-filter

Product Features:

●Pre-filter designed for the livestock industry, available efficiency: G3, G4

●The frame adopts 400g waterproof kraft paper, which has better moisture 

resistance and better waterproof effect

●Solid structure, able to resist large ventilation volume

●High-quality synthetic fiber filter material for greater dust holding capacity

●Equal pleating design to ensure more stable air flow, lower resistance, more energy 


Standard size: 592×592×45mm / 24"×24"×2" (Customized available)


Medium & HEPA V-bank Filter

Product Features:

●Medium efficiency V-bank filter designed for the livestock industry, available 

efficiency: F8, F9, H10

●Adopting special designed glass fiber media for livestock industry, initial resista-nce 15% lower than conventional glass fiber, and better ventilation performance

●100% sealed between the frame and filter media, effectively prevent air leakage

●V-shaped airflow channel structure effectively reduce structural resistance, 

provide larger dust holding capacity and longer service life

●High moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, good water resistance, suitable 

for high humidity environment in livestock farms

Standard size: 592×592×292mm / 24"×24"×12" (Customized available)


Filter Installation Frame

Product Features:

●Dedicated to the installation and fixture between the pleated Pre-filter and V-bank filter or between the pleated Pre-filter and Pocket Filter, which can be arrayed to form an air inlet filtration wall

●The frame is made of hot-dip galvanized steel, process strong toughness, high corrosion resistance and long service life

●Tight and reliable fixing method, good air tightness

●Simple and convenient installation, effective cost savings

●Can use the same frame to meet the combined installation of different type of filters


                                                                                       Standard size: Customized available


                            Pre-filter + V-bank filter                             Pre-filter + Pocket Filter

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