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Furnace Air Filter Maintenance

We all know that fresh clean air is important to our health. We should also know that our home air filters need to be kept clean. Kept clean not only for our health but also to protect the air conditioning and heating equipment. A dirty (or worse, no filter at all) air filter can cause our heating and air conditioning equipment to fail. By maintaining a good air filter maintenance schedule we protect our health and the heating and cooling equipment.

Importance of Air Flow

Before we discuss the different types of air conditioning and heating furnace filters and which one is the best for you, I want to stress the importance of keeping your air conditioning and heating furnace filters clean. Air flow is very important to the efficiency of your HVAC system. Furnace filters play a key role in maintaining the proper air flow. Whether it be your A.C. system or your Heating system, both HVAC systems need the proper amount of designed air flow. Air flow throughout the HVAC system. Dirty HVAC furnace filters restrict the airflow. That results in higher energy and HVAC repair costs to you.

Furnace Air Filter Maintenance and Health

Indoor air pollution cause the filtering media's and refining the air we breathe a necessity for healthy living. Granted, it takes the best of HVAC air filtering media's and technology to stop the aforementioned hazards, but the better we can filter the air in our living spaces the better we protect ourselves and our health from harmful particulates and compounds. It is a fact that certain dwellings cause people to become or remain ill.

Furnace Air Filter Maintenance - Planned Maintenance

Understanding how HVAC air filters work is important. How they work to eliminate particles from the air is important. Additionally, understanding the different types and ratings for HVAC filters will help you. Understanding all this helps you take action to set up a planned filter changing routine. It is recommended that HVAC air filters at least be checked every 30 days for excessive load up of particles. If the filter is excessively loaded on a thirty-day check then you need to narrow the time. Possibly 3 weeks or relax that schedule if they are not loaded up. Some modern digital thermostats come with an air filter reminder feature. The reminder will flash based on the number of days or runtime of the fan. These thermostats help you remember to change or check your HVAC air filter at regular intervals.

Primary Reason for Filtering the Air

The primary reason for air filters is to protect the equipment first and then clean the air. The basic air filter will not do much to clean the air for the dwelling. Additionally, it only provides a minimum amount of protection for the equipment. Upgrading to better filters will help the equipment. It will also filter more particulates from the air inside the dwelling. However, since these filters filter more particulates they need an increased schedule for maintenance. In other words, change the filters more often especially if you have the better filters. (as described in the filter categories above).

In closing, remember that HVAC air filters are very necessary. Necessary not only to keep particles out of the air inside the dwelling but also to protect the equipment. If you don't have a filter or there is a filter that is clogged the HVAC equipment will fail. You will lose your HVAC comfort system until corrective action is taken. Set an air filter schedule and stick to it so that you keep your air clean and the equipment protected.