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How to Choose the Right Wall Mounted Pass-Thru for Your Application

Pass-through chambers and other cleanroom equipment help prevent contamination and enable manufacturers to comply with industry quality standards. Wall mounted pass-thrus are used by medical and pharmaceutical industries as well as food processing, air and spacecraft, and computers and consumer electronics. Pass-thrus all have similar design standards and features and are manufactured in three levels, including:

Basic stainless steel pass-through chambers for most manufacturing and laboratory process applications

Fully welded body design  for aseptic manufacturing, compound pharmacies and chemo drug pharmacies

Bio-design wall mounted pass-thrus for terminal sterilization processing, nanotechnology and production facilities with strict isolation procedures

In addition to your cleanroom equipment requirements, additional considerations in choosing the right pass-through chamber for your application include:

How the pass-through chamber will be mounted to the cleanroom

Size of wall spaces and any obstructions that will affect door swings

Type of material that will be transferred through the cabinet

Method of material transfer (by hand, conveyor belt, etc.)

How the pass-thru will be used by personnel

Any specialized requirements including HEPA filters, fire-rated doors, or pneumatic sliding doors

Our stainless steel pass-thru chambers are constructed with a welded stainless steel shell and unique double-wall construction that encloses and protects the mechanical interlock. This double wall also creates a lipless, flush floor for easy material transfer and cleaning. These wall-mounted pass-thru cabinets are extremely strong and durable, are easy to clean, and provide superior aesthetics for your cleanroom or pharmacy. Except for the viewing windows, these pass-thru chambers are made entirely of metal.


All of our cleanroom pass-through cabinets feature doors with heavy-duty stainless steel frames, stainless steel continuous hinges, tempered safety glass windows, silicone bulb gaskets, and stainless steel over-center compression latches. Stainless steel door frames add strength and prevent long-term warpage and cracking, a common problem with all-plastic doors.

Our wall mounted pass-thru cabinets are available with mechanical interlocks to prevent both doors from being opened at the same time. This helps prevent cleanroom depressurization and contaminant infiltration.

Standard Pass-Thru Chamber Features

Solid stainless steel construction

Stainless steel door frames

Stainless steel continuous hinges

Tempered safety glass viewing windows

Silicone bulb gaskets

Stainless steel over-center compression latches

Mechanical door interlocks

Perimeter frame

Pass-Thru Additional Options

Wall or floor mounted

Special or custom sizes

Fixed or adjustable shelves

Viewing windows with acrylic, acrylic amber, polycarbonate, PVC, or conductive polycarbonate material

Solid stainless steel doors with no windows

UV lighting

HEPA filters

Air shower part cleaning

Available Pass-Through Chamber Configurations

90° pass-through

Fire-rated pass-through

Integrated sloped pass-through

Vertical sliding door pass-through

Double door pass-through