Wind speed of air shower nozzle


Wind speed of air shower nozzle

January 05, 2023

Air shower nozzle is a kind of air blower nozzle, can meet the dust blowing, air supply, cooling, dry and other industrial uses,this air shower nozzle is made of SUS304 or SUS316, and then mechanical polishing, so that the surface of the nozzle to achieve mirror effect, thus greatly reducing the deposition of dust, is a special nozzle for cleanroom air shower. So, KLC for you to introduce in detail: Wind speed of air shower nozzle. 


Wind speed of air shower nozzle

Air shower is a necessary channel for people to enter the clean room, it can reduce the pollution problems brought by entering and leaving the clean room, reduce a large number of dust particles due to people or goods entering and leaving the clean room, the entrance of the fully functional installation of the "buffer room" can reduce the number of air pollution particles, when people or goods through the air shower, the high wind speed of 25m/s can ensure that the particles are effectively filtered out by pre filter and HEPA filter.  In order to maintain the safe use of air shower, maintain the cleanliness of the clean room environment. 


The Angle of the air shower nozzle outlet is not required in principle, but in order to achieve better blowing effect, we still need to adjust the Angle.  

The general air shower is double side blowing.  A nozzle plate distribution is usually: 3 horizontal rows, 2 vertical rows, 6 nozzles.  

1. Adjust the top nozzle to blow the head position;  

2. Adjust the middle nozzle to blow the body position;  

3. Adjust the bottom nozzle to blow the the leg or shoe position.  

The above is: "Wind speed of air shower nozzle" I hope the content will be helpful. When you need air shower, please feel free to contact KLC for customized design.

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