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The resetting method of air shower door

January 11, 2023

The air shower is widely used in workshop of electronic products assembly industry, which has high requirements for cleanliness. There must be an air shower at the entrance of the staff passage in the workshop, and in the fields of automobile, medical biological engineering and precision electronics. Air shower often encounter problems, let me tell you about the resetting method of air shower door.


Failure and solution:

1. When the air shower door appears self -locking, blowing without stopping or opening the door into the inductive area. It should be a program error or be disrupted by the operation, the normal solution is to turn off the power and restart the air shower, then reset the program.If it has not been solvedthen check whether the emergency stop switch is pressed, the emergency stop switch is red, the air shower door will not blow, press the emergency stop switch again can resume work.

2. When the air shower can not be automatically blowing, it is necessary to check the light sensing system of the air shower to see whether the light sensing system is correctly installed, the right way is to put the light sensing system on both sides is opposite and the light sensing is normal.

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