What is the role of the Air Shower?


What is the role of the Air Shower?

January 30, 2023

I believe everyone knows that the Air Shower is a blowing equipment for personnel to enter the clean room from the unclean zone. The high-speed clean air is usually be used to blow away the dust and bacteria from people’s body, which is to prevent them be carried into the clean workshop, and leads for a isolation function. So today we will tell you what is the role of the Air Shower & the role of the Air Shower.


What is the role of the air shower:

The air shower is a necessary passage for people to enter the clean room, which can reduce the pollution caused by materials entering and leaving the clean room. The two doors of the air shower are electronically interlocked, which can also act as an airlock to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean room and reduce dust pollution. The after the HEPA filtered high-speed clean air blows onto the material from all directions with the rotatable nozzle when entering the air shower. It is effectively and quickly removing the dust particles on the material and the cabinet.

The role of the air shower:

In the clean room area, under dynamic conditions, the main source of bacteria and dust is the operator. Before entering the clean room area, the operator must blow off the surface dust particles on the clothes. So it plays the role as an airlock. As the result, the environment can meet the standards of the strict dust-free purification the workplace and produce high-quality products.


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