Hand Cleaner

Cleanroom Hand Cleaner

Clean and dry hand before enter into cleanroom
Automatic control with sensor
Equipped medium filter for self-cleaning
Optional cabinet material: cold rolled steel with powder coated / stainless steel 304

Cleanroom Hand Cleaning & Drying Stations Manufacturer in China - KLC Cleantech

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Product information

Hand cleaner is the universal equipment, used for clean and dry the wet hand in order to decrease probability of pollution. It is useful to improve product's quality and finished product's rate.

Install Location

The entrance to the clean room or inside the biological laboratory.

Product Specification



External size (LxWxHmm)640x640x1170
Operation wayWash/dry
Work zone materialStainless steel 304
The person per cycle


Air velocity

80 m/s

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Electronics, national defense , precision instruments, pharmacy, chemical, agricultural, biological lab and various types of scientific laboratory, etc.

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