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Carbon Filter

Carbon Air FILTER

Carbon air filters are a special kind of furnace filter that works on a molecular level to help reduce the severity of unwanted odors in your home's air supply.

What separates your regular air filters from carbon air filters? The answer is activated carbon. Carbon acts as a natural filtration mineral because of its ability to capture and hold foreign particulates in its crevices.  For our carbon air filters, the activated carbon is super-heated to open up the cracks in the carbon.  This gives the carbon an exponentially increased amount of surface area which allows it to capture and hold more foreign substances in your indoor air supply.  The carbon material is then ground down into a finepowder and applied across the filter media. 

The increased surface area of the activated carbon allows for the filter media of a single filter to have approximately the same surface area of an entire football field.  Not only can this capture more substances, but the activated carbon creates molecular bonds that capture unwanted substances on a molecular level rather than just on the filter media surface. 

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