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Quality control


Since KLC obtained the ISO9001:2000 international quality management system certification issued by SGS in 2003, the company has compiled quality manuals and quality management system documents in accordance with the requirements of ISO9001 standards. The documents cover the management of all departments, positions and links of the company. jobs. At the same time, it has established a quality management system that conforms to the actual work of the company, formulated the company's quality policy and objectives, defined the quality responsibility, strengthened coordination, and made the company's work standardized, scientific, and institutionalized, and promoted the more effective implementation of various quality activities. 

1. Inspect, supervise, coordinate and evaluate the overall quality management of the workshops of various departments. 

2. Organize and manage mass quality management activities and assessments and awards. 

3. Research and promote reliability and quality management education with mathematical science optimization methods, value engineering, systems engineering and other modern scientific management methods and advanced quality control methods. 

4. Organize and guide the quality management of the whole process of production, design, manufacturing, auxiliary use and service of new products, and improve and improve the quality assurance system. 

5. Collect, summarize, analyze, transmit and report the quality information of the whole plant.

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