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Glass Fiber Medium Efficiency Pocket Filter

Glass Fiber Medium Efficiency Pocket Filter

Excellent Durability: The glass fiber media used in these filters is strong and durable, ensuring a longer lifespan. 

  • Optional Thickness :

    Aluminum / GI: 21, 25, 46; Plastic: 25
  • Media :

    Glass fiber
  • Efficiency :

    F5 / F6 / F7 / F8
  • Max Temperature :

  • Max Humidity :

  • Item NO. :

  • Pocket type :

    Sewing bag

Glass Fiber Pocket Filters are known for their durability and resistance to moisture and microbial growth. The glass fiber media is strong and can withstand demanding environments. This ensures the filter's longevity and maintains its performance over time.


medium efficiency filter


Product feature

◎ Long lifespan

◎ Large dust holding capacity

◎ 100% factory inspection

◎ Good fire resistance, achieved UL class 2

◎ Imported glass fiber to make sure efficiency



Custom Design

medium efficiency pocket filter



Product Specification

Model NO.

Actual Size

 HxWxD (mm)

Air Flow 


Media Area 

Flow (m²)





KP9-001 287*592*381 750 1.6 1.23 3
KP9-003 287*592*600 1200 2.5 1.96 3
KP9-005 490*592*500 1900 4.1 1.82 6
KP9-007 592*592*381 1500 3.2 1.19 6
KP9-008 592*592*381 1900 4.1 1.51 8
KP9-009 592*592*381 2400 5.0 1.90 10
KP9-011 592*592*500 2500 5.4 1.98 8
KP9-013 592*592*600 2300 5.0 1.82 6
KP9-014 592*592*600 2950 6.4 2.34 8
KP9-015 592*592*600 3600 7.9 2.85 10





The best ideal for fire certification company to use, and ideal configuration for ventilation air conditioning system.


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