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High Content Activated Carbon Panel Air Filter

High Content Activated Carbon Panel Air Filter

The type and thickness of activated carbon plates, as well as the appropriate filtration speed and pressure differential, can be customized based on the purification requirements for air .

  • Item NO. :

  • Optional Thickness :

    10~50 mm
  • Sealant :

  • Frame :

    Aluminum / GI / SUS
  • Media :

    Coconut shell activated carbon granuel / Cylindrical coal base activated carbon granuel
  • Max Temperature :

  • Max Humidity :

  • Odor removal rate :


Activated Carbon Panel air filters are specialized filters designed to remove airborne pollutants and odors from indoor air. These filters consist of a panel or sheet made of activated carbon, a porous material that is highly effective in adsorbing and trapping harmful gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and unpleasant smells.


Product feature


◎ The granule activated carbon which is made from coconut shell and is impregnated with metallic oxides

◎ High capacity for the elimination of gases and acid vapors present in air, such as acetic, mercaptans, sulfur dioxide and sulfuric, nitric, hydrochloric, phosphoric acids, etc

◎ Strong PVC plastic honeycomb, high activated carbon holding capacity

◎ Good appearance, convenient installation, easy maintenance, high activated carbon



Custom Design

industrial carbon air filter



Product Specification

Model NO.

Actual Size

 HxWxD (mm)

Air Flow (m³/h)


Air Flow (m³/h)


Air Flow (m³/h)


K44-A-1 592*287*22 917 1223 1529
K44-A-2 592*287*45 917 1223 1529
K44-A-3 592*592*22 1893 2523 3154
K44-A-4 592*592*45 1893 2523 3154
K44-A-5 495*287*22 767 1023 1279
K44-A-6 495*287*45 767 1023 1279
K44-A-7 495*495*22 1323 1764 2205
K44-A-8 495*595*45 1323 1764 2205
K44-A-9 592*287*50 917 1223 1529
K44-A-10 592*592*50 1893 2523 3154




From commercial such as offices, laboratory, food processing, pharmacy to household usage such as kitchen, washrooms etc, where enviornment obtain strange odors, gases or acid vapors.

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