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Air Cleaning Equipment Super Thin FFU/Fan Filter Unit

Air Cleaning Equipment Super Thin FFU/Fan Filter Unit

It is 100mm thinner than the ordinary FFU.It has the characteristics of light weight, corrosion resistance, rust prevention and beautiful appearance.

  • Item NO. :

  • Cabinet material :

    Cold rolled steel with powder coated / Galvalume / Aluminum / Stainless steel
  • Control method :

    Group control or single control
  • Fan :

  • Air velocity(m/s) :


Super thin FFU is generator set with super thin motor inside which is used in the turbulent layer and laminar flow clean room, where have limited installation space. Its speed can also reach to 0.45m/s ±20% same as other FFU.

It is 100mm thinner than the ordinary FFU. The cabinet materials include Stainless steel, Galvanized steel with aluminum painting, Cold rolled steel with epoxy powder etc. It is lighter, corrosion-resistance, rust-resistance and beautiful.








1. Overheating protection

Inside equipped with overheating protection, the surface is smooth and bright, lower air resistance and good sound insulation. Special air entrance design can low down the noise effectively .

2. The average air speed increase to 25%

Long-life span, energy-saving, low noise, less maintenance, small vibration and adjustable speed. The average air speed increase to 25%.

3. Life-long span

It works as an average air speed of 0.45m/s. The outlet speed is stable and can shorten the period the replace filters. In the meantime, it can extend the service life of fans.

4. Space-saving

Light and convenient, easy and beautiful design. Let the using space reduced largely and the efficiency is higher. Not only increase the scope and space, but also energy saving.



Custom Design

custom fan filter unit




Product Specification





Size (WxLxHmm) 615x615x275 575x1175x275 615x1225x275
Air chamber material Galvalume / aluminum / stainless steel
Air Flow (m³/h) 700~800 1100~1200 1100~1200
Air velocity (m/s) 0.45 ± 20%
Total pressure (Pa) 230 230 230
Power (W) 75 100 100
Weight (kg) 23 34 37.5
Noise dB (1m below the HEPA filter) 55~63
Vibration (mm/s) 0.2~0.7
Power supply 220V / 50Hz
HEPA filter Size (WxHxDmm) 610x610x69 570x1170x69 610x1220x69
Efficiency 99.99% 0.3μm
Frame High quality anodized aluminum

Initial pressure 


Gasket EVA / PU foam




semiconductor, electron, flat-panel display, disc-drive, manufacture and optics, bio-engineering, clean bench, clean room, or any other places.

Hospital, pharmaceutical, laboratory, semiconductor, electronic, bio-engineering, clean bench, clean room, or any other place requires high cleanliness environment.


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1. Improved Air Quality: The FFU filters out airborne particles, ensuring clean and fresh air in the environment. 2. Optimal Temperature Control: The integrated cooling coil helps maintain a comfortable temperature, enhancing occupant comfort and productivity. 3. Energy Efficiency: The system is designed operate efficiently, reducing energy consumption and operational costs. 4. Vers Application: FFU with Cooling Coil can be used in various settings, such as cleanrooms, laboratories, and manufacturing facilities, providing a flexible solution for precise air filtration and temperature control.

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The advantages of an embedded pass box : space-saving, seamless integration, enhanced cleanroom integrity, improved airflow control, easier cleaning and maintenance, and design flexibility.

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1.Customizable size and style 2.Larger storage space 3.PVC anti-static curtains or doors 4.KLC's filter with certificate to ensure cleanliness 5.Brand differential pressure gauges and accessories 6.With wheels, you can move it anywhere.  

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Contamination control: Multi-layer Pass Boxes help maintain a level of cleanliness by preventing cross-contamination different areas or rooms. Enhanced safety: These pass boxes provide a secure transfer of materials, reducing the risk of accidental exposure to hazardous substances. Improved workflow efficiency: By facilitating the transfer of materials without the need for personnel to enter controlled environments, multi-layer pass boxes streamline workflow processes and minimize disruptions. Versatility: These pass boxes can be customized to accommodate various sizes and types of materials, making them suitable for a wide range of applications in different industries. Cost-effective solution: Multi-layer pass boxes offer a cost-effective alternative to constructing separate cleanroom environments or implementing elaborate gowning procedures, making them a more affordable option for maintaining controlled environments.

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