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Clean Room Automatic Sliding Door Cargo Shower Room

Clean Room Automatic Sliding Door Cargo Shower Room

Two-doors electronic interlock to prevent cross-infection and to achieve sealing requirements, also with infrared probe, transparent window, infrared induction blowing, clear indicator light, emergency stop switch.

  • Item NO. :

  • SS nozzle diameter :

  • Material :

    powder coated steel/stainless steel
  • Controller :

    Electronic control panel/ PLC
  • Power supply :

  • Door type :

    Automatic rolling/sliding door
  • Dimensions :


Cargo Air Showers are specialized decontamination systems designed to maintain cleanliness in cargo handling processes. By utilizing high-velocity air streams, they effectively remove particles and contaminants from cargo surfaces, preventing cross-contamination and ensuring the integrity of sensitive environments. With customizable designs, energy-efficient features, and compliance with industry standards, Cargo Air Showers provide thorough decontamination, particle removal, and easy operation. They are essential in industries where cleanliness is crucial for maintaining the quality and safety of transported goods.

Cargo air Shower

air shower booth

air shower unit

clean room shower

industrial air shower


Safe sensor settings

Automatic sliding door can avoid pinch, even if someone forced to pull the door will not appear disorder the procedure; Automatic roller door can be set to automatically open or manual open, applying with fault tips and automatic alarm function.



Quality matetrial

1. Use the high quality cold-rolled steel sheet with epoxy powder coated or stainless steel, wear-resisting ground steel plate, stainless steel nozzle, have good corrosion resistance and rust resistance.

2. Use transparent window and LED electronic lighting, better lighting and less energy.



Custom Design

air shower design



1. Intelligent control chip: Two-door electronic interlock to prevent cross-infection and to achieve sealing requirements. Built-in shutter door control core chip can open or jog open automatically, all input signals can be parameter real-time monitoring, with a key to restore factory defaults function, setting and faults have prompted or alarm function, convenient and timely maintenance, also with infrared probe , transparent window, infrared induction blowing, clear indicator light, emergency stop switch.

2. Modular design, convenient assembly and transportation.

3. Good sealing, high filtration efficiency: Adopting EVA sealing material, high sealing performance; using pre-filter and HEPA filter two-stage filtration system, filter effect is guaranteed.



Product Specification

Item Standard air shower with auto sliding door

Standard air shower with auto roller door

Model ASRS-2000/2 ASRR-2500/3
Material External and Internal: Epoxy power coated steel / Stainless steel 304; Baseplate: without
External Size (WxLxHmm) 2000x2000x2150 2500x3000x2150
Internal Size (WxLxHmm) 1500x2000x1950 2000x3000x1950
Dimension limit (Suggestion) Internal width ≤2000; inner height ≤ 2400 Unlimited
Width of the door (mm) 1500 700
Nozzle in stainless steel (pc) 24 32
Nozzle wind speed (m/s) ≥25 ≥25
Noise dB(1m from equipment) <68 <68
LED lamp(11W) 2 2
Fan Power supply (V/Hz)  380/50 380/50
Power/setW 550 550 
Quantity (set)  4 4
HEPA filter Size (W×H×Dmm) 630×630×69 630*630*69
Pre-filter Size (W×H×Dmm) 775×380×17 775×380×17
Total power supply(W 2420 3770
Extra height version External height size: 2250mm,Internal height size: 2050mm



Application fields

Semiconductor factory, microelectronics factory, biological pharmaceutical factory, etc.


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